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At the Threshold Creativity Workshops is an online collaborative where working writing and creativity teachers and students come together to learn and grow.

The instructors are working writers and creatives. Many support their lives in other arenas while keeping their creative projects moving forward in the early morning hours, in the evening after the demands of the day have lessened, and weekends. They've learned that it doesn't matter when you create, as long as you do. And they want to share with you what they've learned through writing, editing, and publication workshops and arts workshops. 


The workshops provide a space for creatives of all levels the opportunity to learn from others and give their creative expression the time and space to grow. Lifelong creatives embarking on new projects, novice writers who are new to the writing path, and those who use creative expression to enhance their life all have a place here.  

At the Threshold Creativity Workshops foster a diverse, inclusive, and safe environment for all attendees. Attendees registering for a workshop agree to adhere to this mission. 

We look forward to sharing what we've learned with you and offering you a spark for your creative projects.

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