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"Getting Mental"

The Mindfulness 101 Workshop

with Brenda Sarai Zuniga


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Meditation in Forest

Join Brenda Sarai Zuniga, Mindfulness Coach, Comedian, Podcaster, & 2x Miss California USA semi-finalist, in the

"Getting Mental"

The Mindfulness 101 Workshop. 

Based on her Mx3 formula that combines Mindfulness, Music, and Meditation, Brenda's workshop takes you on a mindfulness experience that applies practical tools that will enrich your life, calm your anxious mind, boost your confidence, increase your happiness, and become empowered to live your best life. Best of all, you can do it anywhere at anytime! 

This workshop will guide you through the exercises Brenda uses with her clients in her 4 week program,

PLUS you’ll get her exclusive Gratitude Journal prompt to increase your happiness on the daily!

Prepare to laugh and have fun as you learn and practice these mindfulness tools,

backed by neuroscience, to help empower you daily!

Let’s have fun Getting Mental!




Bring in 2021 with the tools to stay mindful and connected to yourself!



**Due to limited tickets sold only once the payment is processed your spot is reserved.

NOTE: This is an Online Session. All participants will need access to a computer.

7pm- Introduction to Mindfulness 101

7:15pm- Getting Grateful (Gratitude Exercise)

7:30pm- Getting Positive (Affirmations)

7:45pm- Getting Grounded (Grounding techniques to overcome Anxiety)

8:00pm- Getting Our Belly Breathing On

8:05-8:15pm- Q&A for 10 mins & close out with a guided 3 minute meditation.

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